Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zcash?

Zcash is digital money, to learn more visit

What is a Zcash wallet?

A wallet is an app that allows you to hold, send and receive Zcash. For a list of available wallets, visit this page.

ZGo requires a wallet with shielded transaction support and has been tested with:

What is a viewing key?

Zcash shielded transactions are encrypted and only the owner of the wallet can see their details. In some cases, you may want to let someone see the details of the transactions on your wallet and Zcash has functionality for this: the viewing key.

By providing a viewing key to someone, you are giving them the ability to see the details of the transactions in that address, such as the amounts and the memos received. However, a viewing key does not allow them to spend any ZEC from that address.

ZGo’s payment confirmation functionality requires a viewing key, allowing our app to monitor the blockchain for payments and to validate them against your orders automatically.

How to export a viewing key (video).