The Zcash payment goes from your customer to your wallet through shielded transactions Need it for an afternoon? Multiple points of sale everyday?
ZGo can handle it.



Desktop or mobile, you can have your shop where you need it. Works with major Zcash wallets on mobile or desktop


ZGo is integrated with popular business applications.



ZGo is integrated with the Xero Accounting Software. This integration allows business owners to give their customers the option to pay invoices with Zcash.

ZGo monitors the blockchain and reports the payment to Xero, allowing business owners to use their existing workflow while accepting Zcash payments directly into their wallets.

For instructions on how to enable this integration, see our step-by-step guide and our video walkthrough.

This integration requires a Zcash viewing key and a Pro level subscription.


We have created a plugin for WooCommerce, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for WordPress. This plugin allows owners of e-commerce shops to offer the option to pay with Zcash to their customers:

ZGo prompts the customer for payment with a QR code and monitors the Zcash blockchain and reports the payment to the WooCommerce store once it is confirmed, giving the shop owner the same experience they get from any other payment processor.

The ZGo plugin also provides with an administrative view for shop owners, so they can monitor orders and payments that are using ZGo:

This integration is currently in pre-release as we complete testing. The plugin can be downloaded from our releases page.

This integration requires a Zcash viewing key and a Pro level subscription.


ZGo uses a time-based subscription model to allow the greatest flexibility to our users, paid in ZEC. These subscriptions are:

All of these subscriptions have access to all the features of the application, except for the external app integrations. Also, all data for shops is retained after a subscription expires and can be accessed as soon as a new subscription is purchased.

To access the external integrations, users should select the monthly Pro subscription, available for US$30 per month.

If you would like to purchase a subscription for a different period or pay in advance, please e-mail us at contact@zgo.cash.