May updates

Posted on May 9, 2022

Thanks to very detailed thoughtful feedback from a member of the Zcash community in our GitLab page, we are focusing on implementing the invoicing functionality for ZGo, enabling vendors that may not operate face-to-face to accept Zcash as payment.

In order to support this functionality and other future development, we are re-implementing the ZGo back end server in Haskell. Once the re-implementation is complete, we will build the full invoicing integration incrementally and updates will be provided regularly.

The current public version of ZGo (version 1.0.5) will be moved to a legacy branch in the repository, all further changes will continue on the master branch, where the existing back end will be removed. The ZGo back end will be published in a separate repository on GitLab.

Finally, after the extensive discussion on licensing by the Zcash community, we will be licensing the new ZGo back end code and all versions of the ZGo front end above 1.0.5 under the Bootstrap Open Source License (BOSL) v.1.0. We believe it is a worthwhile attempt to improve sustainability in libre software projects and look forward to see this license in the ecosystem.