June updates

Posted on June 1, 2022

It has been seven months since the first version of ZGo was published, seven months that have flown by. Participating in the Zcash community has been very rewarding and with the launch of NU5, we only expect more great things for the Zcash ecosystem.

We believe that an integral part of adoption of Zcash as digital money is the ability to pay for goods and services with Zcash, and ZGo’s mission is to enable vendors and merchants to accept Zcash and payment in a simple, streamlined way. For this reason, we have decided to apply for a grant from the Zcash Community Grants program

We believe ZGo can be sustainable as adoption of Zcash increases and the user base grows, but it is important to have the resources to develop the features that will foster and support that growth.

The ZGo Zcash Community Grants Proposal has been submitted for review and is also available on the Zcash Community Forum for review and discussion, we look forward to the community’s feedback.

In the development front, a feature was added to ZGo to allow to copy the address, amount and memo manually from ZGo to the user’s wallet. This allows users with Zcash wallets that do not implement ZIP-321 to use ZGo.

Also, the canary for June is now available on our info page.