October updates

Posted on October 5, 2022

We have completed the integration with the Xero business services application by enabling ZGo to report payments to Xero once they are detected on-chain. The open beta for this integration is now live and allows businesses to give their customers the option to pay them with Zcash while using their existing invoicing processes.

Given the large market share Xero has in New Zealand, we have also added the New Zealand Dollar (NZD) as a supported currency in ZGo.

The ZGo Youtube Channel is now live with our how-to videos for the Xero configuration and for paying a Xero invoice with Zcash.

We will spend the next few weeks supporting users that implement the Xero integration while we continue the research on other platforms for integration.

We continue monitoring the progress of the rollout of Unified Addresses among wallets and will begin working on implementing UAs in ZGo once the functionality to import viewing keys is available in zcashd.

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