Unified Addresses are here!

Posted on October 30, 2023

We have released a new version of our app that supports Unified Addresses:

This means that shop owners can use a Unified Address for their shop, and customers can use any wallet that supports Unified Addresses to make payments.

The key development from our team is the ability to perform on-chain payment confirmations for Unified Addresses by uploading a Unified Viewing Key into ZGo. This involved extensive development on our zcash-haskell library, removing our dependency on zcashd to perform operations related to viewing keys.

As part of our Zcash Community Grant, we have also completed the functionality for retailers to manage up to two different taxes for their shop:

ZGo can take care of these calculations for vendors and ensure the order collects the correct amount:

Finally, this release also includes the functionality for a vendor to include a tip with each order:

We look forward to hear the community’s feedback on these features and to see more and more purchases done through the Orchard shielded pool.